Water Damage Restoration



Immediate action is crucial with water damage. Delays can cause serious and even irreversible consequences. Immediately addressing professionals to solve your water damage problem is thereby the right thing to do whether you are dealing with major flooding or with minor water damage localized in a single room.

Whether you are dealing with a water problem in your house or in your workshop, our water damage restoration Reno services can help you. With our comprehensive approach, we can make sure that your property comes back to the pre-flood condition as closely as possible.

First, we employ a wide gamut of measures and tools like moisture detectors and hygrometers to locate water and moisture in your property. Our tools can even find water hidden behind walls and floors.

Then comes the water removal phase. Our team has all the instruments and skill necessary to pump out water, dehumidify floors, walls, and furniture, as well as increase the rate of moisture evaporation.

After the detected water has been all removed from the property, we may also perform cleaning, sanitation, and restoration of the property and items that can be successfully restored. Delivering our water damage restoration Reno NV services, we try to make sure that you spend as little money on restoration and new items as possible.

Water Damage Fixer