Fire Damage Restoration

Fires can be devastating for residential or business property. Aside from the direct damage caused by fire, your property may also suffer from smoke damage, as well as from water damage from firefighting. Fire damage restoration thus is a complex process that needs to take all the possible complications into account.

Thanks to our years of experience, we know exactly what is necessary to do not only to treat fire damage but also prevent any further damaging consequences.

Before proceeding to fire damage restoration, our team performs an inspection and fire damage assessment. Knowing the extent of the fire damage, our technicians will be able to tailor an action plan for your situation.

The next step is boarding up windows and placing tarps on roofs damaged by the fire. We do this to maintain the security of your property. Only then we proceed to the core fire restoration.

Within the scope of our fire damage restoration Reno services, we perform removal of smoke and soot from walls, ceilings, and other surfaces, deodorize the air, and clean & sanitize restorable items. TheĀ ultimate step of our service is the restoration of your home or business, be it minor repairs or a major renovation.

In addition, Water Damage Fixer perform water removal and drying if water damage is present.